Where can i get really cute emo/gothic clothing that's also pretty cheap?

I live in Utah, so I have the morman crap in my way (i dont think mormans are bad, but the ones here are really strict.) The only places I know of are Hot Topic and Spencers. And they are WAY too much money. And I can't go all the way to St. Gorge or anything. So yeah...Any help?

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eBay ? There isn't cheap clothing stores that have good clothing. Sorry! But go to any kind of store and they should have something youre looking for

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Amazon.com has some clothing and also it is perty cheap and you can find all kinds of clothing there and stuff, you can try stored like goodwill and places like that, or just simply be dark and rip some stuff up from walmart and stuff.

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Hot topic

cute, cheap summer clothes!
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if you live in england camden town if not look up "Unikorn" on the internet :)

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Hot topic or you could even try thrift stores and second hand shops and see what u can find

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Camden town is pretty much amazing apart from all of the people.

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I'd try thrift stores. They have all sorts of things, and it's cheap.

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yh ikr its absoulutly amazing, have you been to cyberdog?

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Hmm, the name doesn't ring any bells, but who knows, I may have. I went all around camden town with my boyfriend once, and we just walked through a bunch of different places.

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I'd google for Internet shops.
I found darksideclothing dot com but that has also a lot of punk stuff.

You can also try and sew stuff by yourself. Simplicity dot com has got simple, easy-to-use patterns. It's not hard to do. You just need a sewing machine from somewhere and fabric. Do they have a cut goods shop somewhere in your town? Grab an easy one for the start. Like a plain shirt with no tuck and an easy decollteage. Make it black, add some quilling or laces and be happy. You'll soon see which patterns are easy to do and which ones are complicated.

I love sewing my own stuff, because it makes you look absolutely 100% unique.

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well you can try ebay
or amazon

or the nearest stores in your area
google map it

Does anyone have suggestions where to get cute and unique clothes without labels everywhere and that are kinda cheap?

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