What is a couple of good wines I could get that goes with duck?

Answer #1

Chianti, Brunello, Pinot Noir, Rioja, Cotes du Rhone. Those were some wines I found that people thought would be good paired with duck.

Answer #2


Answer #3

Oo I saw several times that Pinot Noir was “The Duck WIne”

Answer #4


The Pinot Noir, but do not chill it too much…

Enjoy !!

Answer #5

Ok thx, and I won’t enjoy, I’m makein for my mother for her birthday, I’m a vegetarian lol

Answer #6

OK, while you are roasting the duck do some veggies (potato, carrot, turnip, squash, etc. in a separate pan) and make a cheesy sauce to pour over them…

Answer #7

Ok thx for the info :-)

Answer #8

Ooh, Yellow Tail (brand) Merlot. I love that.

Answer #9

Ok thx so much

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