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Could I be pregnant without even knowing?

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well here i go..
well i havent started my period in over 3 months. i have been late before but not this late. i took a test before and it came out negative so this time i didnt think much of it. but it was to long this time so i took another test and it came out negative again. this time i got worried because i get pains in my stomach like cramps but they dont happen nonstop they only happen every once in a while. i feel dizzy sometimes but never have thrown up not once. so i dont know wats wrong with me. i told my foncey and he told me to make an appointment with a doctor but i dont even know wat clinic to go to!! so can any1 help me give me some advice let me knoe if ou guys have been through this before or if i can even be pregnate. wat is a good clinic that i can go to? please let me know!! im worried!!