How can I know if im pregnant

Can I know if im pregnant 4 days after intercourse without a condom? Even tho he didnt cum inside?

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The earliest test usually say as early as the first day you suspect your period. Although I do think that they came out with one that says something about 1 week after intercourse but it is very new and I don’t know much about it. If it is a huge concern such as you are very young and not married or what have you…just see your doctor. You should anyway because in today’s scary world even if you have known this guy for years he could have secrets that you don’t know about. Today 1 in 5 people have genital herpes, which is incurable…do you understand that means you would have it for life!!! You don’t really want to tell every boyfriend you ever have from now on that you have herpes do you? I know how bad the pressure is when your young, but no one is going to look after you, but you. So please, please if you are going to be sexually active, for your own safety, insist on condoms for vaginal and oral sex both (they make yummy flavors…lol)

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No, you need to wait a bit longer than that. I think the first symptoms will begin after about 8 - 14 days, but those will be minor symptoms from which you could not draw any real conclusions. Keep some tests at the ready (for later) and consult a doctor :).

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You cant know after that long - He didn’t cum inside of you? It’s called pre-cum hunny and he wouldn’t even notice it coming out. Not only could you be pregnant but you could have an STD, good job.

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