Could I still be pregnant?

Ok well I’ve been trying to get pregnant. The last two weeks my fiance and I have had intercourse without protection. And he came into me several times in these past two weeks. Today I think I may have started my period. Could it be possible that it isnt my period or could I be pregnant even though I may be on it? We really do want children and we’re both upset right now because we thought I was

Answer #1

well neither of us have an std. and neither my fiance or I drink or smoke. we’re occasionally around some of his family that smokes.

Answer #2

well there are a lot of things that can affect fertility. but not just in women. with women things like having chlamidia and not getting it treated can affect your chances. theres a lot more. also it could be your man. if he smokes then that really does affect your chances. that as well as alcohole ( every now and then is fine but if he drinks a lot that could be why)

Answer #3

well if you have your period you can’t be pregnant but you should go to your doctor!!

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