Could I be pregnant even though I'm a virgin?

My boyfriend and I were together on Friday. I am a virgin, but I’m concerned I might be pregnant because I gave him a hj and he came. He went into the bathroom and washed it off, and came out and fingered me. I was, and still am, very worried that: is there a chance I could be pregnant if he forgot to wash some off of his fingers? I am on my period right now (4 days later), but I’m having horrible symptoms: I’m throwing up and I have diarrhea. I have not had these symptoms before.

Answer #1

No. You should be fine. The extra “symptoms” you are feeling are more than likely brought on my anxiety. Or, some girls (like me) get flu like symptoms around their period time. I know you said that’s never happened, but that’s more likely than a pregnancy. And PLEASE don’t be in a rush to have sex!

Answer #2

naw babygirl your good…teh little spermies were dead by the time he came back from the bathroom

Answer #3

No, no and no

Answer #4

Not everyone misses a period when they’re pregnant. So, you can get a period and still be pregnant, BUT in your situation, you are undoubtedly not pregnant. I would be more worried about my boyfriend not washing his hands well enough after using the bathroom. YUCK! Don’t worry. And don’t have sex yet, just keep messing around. Believe me, after you start with the sex, it’ll be all about him and the messing around to make you feel good will go away…quickly!

Answer #5

If you were pregnant you would have missed your period.

Answer #6

Very, very low chance.

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