how can i cope when my dad is dieing of brain cancer and is living in a hospital?

Answer #1

Where is you mom? Any other relatives?

Answer #2

my mum is struggling to cope all my family have pulled together, but i made a promise to my dad that i would be strong. i dont know how to release my frustration

Answer #3

so sorry to hear about yur dad,you need to talk to your family r friends about how you r feeling,or a councellor,are there any councillers at the hospital u cud talk with?i lost my mum suddenly last year and we were all devastated,it will be a really hard time for u and yur family and u all must help each other,talking about the gud times might help,tho the saying time is a great healer does help,you must prepare yourself 4 when the time comes when u have to say gudbye to yur dear dad,you will never 4get him but as time goes by it will get easier,i think of my mum every day,so please talk to yur family and friends,it will help,hope my advice helped you xxx

Answer #4

Theres no way to really “cope” with it thats wrong or right doll. Im sorry to hear about your father and i know what your going through. Mine has had cancer for 7 years and has lived in and out of hospitals and been given a death date many times before. There is no easy way to cope. Remember that you dont always have to be strong and feeling your emotions and letting them out is perfectly okay and can help.

Answer #5

like mandyloo said, there is really no way to “cope.” i lost my dad to pancreatic cancer earlier last year, and the best thing to do is just make sure you’re not stuffing your feelings inside or else you could completely break down. you need to release them any way possible by journaling or talking to a therapist or parent or even writing music. whatever you chose, its just best to get rid of any negative emotions and focus on the positive things, like all the great times you had with your dad and being thankful that you got to spend the time with him that you did.

Answer #6

All you can do is pray about it and spend time with your dad and let him know you love him very much and it will be ok. God doesn’t place anything on you you can not handle..

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