How can I cook fries in the oven but have them be crisp?

Answer #1

Cook them then put them under the broiler, but keep an eye on them so they dont catch fire or burn. I’ve had some bad experiences with that =/

Answer #2

Thanks…I wanted some fries, but I’m avoiding using the deep fryer for health reasons.

Answer #3

that makes sence, just cook them in the oven like usual then put them under the broiler :) that’ll make them crispy fast.

Answer #4

we do that all the time, also trying to stay away from fried foods…so we buy the frozen cut up french fries from the frozen section in your local groc store…then we use the tray, use a wax sheet(it’s like a baking paper) then spread the french fries evenly sprinkle some salt on it(we use the one that like salt but not as real salt so it has less sodium in it) now depending on your oven…some people have a turbo oven with many different ways to cook using a different program. If you just have a regular oven that just has one plan then i would read the bag on how to prepare in oven…usually has a little direction there for microwave cooking or oven cooking or deep frying cooking. we just put it on turbo for 20 mins…and it is crispy if your oven isnt hot enough try 25-30 mins but watch that it doesnt burn…taste one after 20 mins and just add another 5 mins to it til it’s just the way you like it!

hope this helped.

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