What are some good foods or snacks to cook in a toaster oven?

I know this may sound ridiculous…but we have a brand new toaster oven…weve had it for a while and ive never used it because i never know what to use it for.

Answer #1

toasted sandwhiches are the most original, they are yummy. they are simple good snacks

Answer #2

Omg english muffins!!!! they are the best

Answer #3

i usually use a toaster oven to toast my breads or heat up pastries and small things cuz microwave bread or pastries taste horrible & lose its crunch!

as for sandwiches, i really dont make any in a toaster oven…i use the griller thingy to make yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Answer #4

i cook toasted sandwitches, with melted cheese and ham. my mum on the other hand actually cooked roasts in there when our oven broke!

Answer #5

Toaster struddles (: yummmy. Or those frozen pizzas or the yummy bread with cheese and garlic that’s if u like garlic.

Answer #6

pizza bread. i use either hot dg or hamburger buns, put pizza sauce on them, cheese, and whatever toppings you want. its really, really good :)

Answer #7

i also make chicken sandwiches with a breaded chicken pattie on a hamburger bun, pizza or spaghetti sauce on the chicken, the mozzerella cheese on it. they fit right in the toaster oven, and i love them =)

Answer #8

Kitten paws Deep Dish Yak balls Bat Nipples Tortoise Scales Rat skin

the list goes on

Answer #9


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