Why do people try to convert others to their religion?

what is it with religions trying to convert people? if they wanted to be in that religion surely they would have chosen the religion in the first place.

Answer #1

Every religion teaches us to be a good human being, to do our duty for which we are born. The summary of all religion is same. The base is same. All teaches us to be a good human being and to choose the truth way of life. Who ever think their religion is better than other then I will say that person has neither understood his/her own religion nor other religion he/she compares with. It is just unawareness of people who tries to covert others to their religion. If someone tries to spread the message of god or wants to spread the truth or what ever they want to spread then spread the lesson how to become a good human being, how to conduct their duty, how to lead their life in true way without corruption. Spread the true intention of religion, not the intention we understand about the religion. A person has to be true towards his/her own religion inspite of whatever the religion he/she belongs to. first he/she should understand his/her own religion and should impelement the lessons learnt from it, then go and spread among others. Then only you can spread the true message.

I will tell a small story… One day I did not attend my school. I asked one my friend to explain me what ever tought in the school. He explained what ever he had understood. The same I did with another friend, he too explained the way he had understood. I found there are too many discripencies amoung the two explanation.

The intention to tell this story is that the way we take in we delivery to others. converting from one religion to other is never mean leaving a wrong route and joining the right one. The person who ever tries to convert people to their religion has never understand completely about their religion. If the person learnt fully its own religion and if he/she try to understand other religions, definately he/she will find that all religion are virtually same. Spread humanity, spread harmony, be a selfishless person, serve the mainkind, do your duty, live a true life. The person who tries to convert others’ religion is very small to judge which religion is best.

Answer #2

kingofpop: very well “spoken”

I hate it when anyone, friends or strangers, approach me about religion. I find it completely inappropriate and normally avoid people who have done it in the past.

Anyone know a polite, respectable way to let them know I’m not interested in their beliefs?

Answer #3

Some people try and convert other to theirs because they think their religion is the only way you can think and if you don’t your crazy

Answer #4

Religions that teach “Go spread this religion” come to dominate over the ones that teach “live and let live”, so over time, those religions have come to dominate. This is the concept of a ‘meme’, which is basically an idea that tends to spread itself.

Answer #5

Most religions have a message, and they teach that message needs to be spread to those who don’t know or are unfamiliar with it. Historically, religions have sought converts for all kinds of reasons, partly out of genuine concern for the perceived welfare of others, other times out of desire for power or influence.

Answer #6

You’d think, but no. Some people have religions thrust upon them throughout their childhood, taught they way their parents were taught. When a person decides to convert to a new religions, they are strongly informed that they are doing the right thing and they want others to follow. having never been converted myself, I would like to see that somewhere out there people were passionate about their belief systems and would talk about it rather than preach about why I should be a part of it.

Answer #7

I don’t know about all religions but Christians have a mandate to share their faith. As an atheist, I’m ok with that. I’ve never been ugly to anyone who has approached me as a witness for their faith. What I’m highly offended by, however, is any attempt to turn religious belief into civil law. Those people can expect me to fight them tooth and nail.

Answer #8

attention… Just say, thank you, but, I am not interested, and walk away.

Magic, as for Christians, which I am, it would be selfish on our part, if we did not share our knowledge of God, with others. It is not our intent to push anything on anyone, but, to offer, and to try to make each one aware of all the facts, so that they can make a decision. It is also a command of God, to share the good news, with everyone. So, forgive us for caring enough to do our job.


Answer #9

Spreading the true word should be any religious person’s goal. Its kinda like when one of your friends get talked about by someone they think is their friend, would younot want them to know the truth? I agree that sometimes people go way too far with trying to convert, at some point the influence should be in the way they live and conduct themselves. But we want the truth to be heard. If you don’t feel its the truth, politely express that feeling and hopefully they will drop it. Tell them how it makes you feel. Communication is the key.

Answer #10

Regarding your second point - I think that most of us don’t choose our religion. Around the world, people are expected to stay with the religion they are born with. In some cases, leaving that religion can lead to rejection from your family or worse. In the west we have far more choice, but people still may tend to hold on to the old traditions even if they don’t believe them any more. So I’m not sure that everyone follows their religion because they believe it to be exclusively right. In many cases we just follow because it’s what everyone around us does.

What interested me, at a Christian event, was hearing the speakers use the phrase: ‘Earning the right to speak’. They said that no Christian had any right to share their beliefs unless they had already shown in actions that their faith made them worth listening to. They said that churches which showed the love of Jesus through practical help in their communities were listened to and respected. If a church just ‘talked the talk’ but didn’t ‘walk the walk’, then the message was rightly ignored.

So, as others have said, you don’t have to listen. And also, if we’re not ‘walking the walk’, then we have no right to ‘talk the talk’. A tough lesson for us.

Answer #11

Most religions, in order to succeed have a built in doctrine requiring one to bring in new members. It is like Mary Kay…There are some religions, like Buddhism, that do not pester other people…you have to come to them if you are interested. All religions start as cults, and can only grow by a) convincing others to join, b) making war on “unbelievers” or c) having a ruler or government declaring them “official” state religion, thus coercing the population to join. Remember… Yavashua Bin Miriam (whose name has been adulterated to “Jesus Christ” said “Knock and the door shall be opened.” not “I am going to pester you to join my club.”

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