Why did my computer screen suddenly go black then come back on ?

Answer #1

Whenever I have a power outage and the power goes right back on, that happens to me.

Answer #2

nothing else turned off though :/

Answer #3

Sometimes your screen resets itself, or your screen is failing.

Answer #4

It could happen due to the cable in the back of your computer from the screen not being on securely enough. It could also be your screen slowly dying out.

Answer #5

maybe it over heated or a wire is loose

Answer #6

ok lizzo need more info… is it CRT or LCD? my screens go black only if im installing new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) drivers… otherwise they shouldnt unless their on their way out.. erm, have you got windows update to auto download and install? cus if you have and it downloaded and installed a gpu upgrade then it will go off and on ;)

Answer #7

i dont know :| im no good with computers and all i know its by dell aha LOL and hmm it happened like once yesterday and once last week :/

Answer #8

is it a laptop or a pc? lol

Answer #9

You haven’t been on in months!

Answer #10

pc :)

Answer #11

a dell pc oh god… is the monitor square?

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