Why is my computer screen turning black when I turn it on?

What’s wrong with my computer everytime I turn it off n turn it back on the screen goes black, how can I fick it?

Answer #1

Please be more specific. Mac or Pc? Desktop or laptop? How long after you turn it on does the screen turn off? Can you perform any tasks? Is it just the screen? Can you see any light for a brief moment before it turns off again?

Answer #2

Pc, desktop, like 2/3 mins, no u can’t do any taks, yea it’s just da screen, yea it starts up perfectly n den da happens

Answer #3

See if you can use another monitor screen, because yours could be damaged. Make sure the cables on the back are connected correctly. To me it sounds like your video card is outdated and can be replaced online (manufacturers website). Maybe your video and resolution settings are set wrong. The only way you can fix that would be to format or reprogram your computer, or borrow another screen (friend?). After you have one, right click on the desktop and personalize your resolution settings to something smaller or bigger. If your computer screen turns black while your changing the resolution, wait about 30 seconds without touching the computer. Each time you change your computer resolution, change back to the other screen, to see if any of the other resolutions work. If you still have problems just funmail me.

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