How do I make the computer screen go back to its original size?

I clicked a couple random keys on the keyboard accidently and the words, pictures, everything on my screen has shruck a little. How do i make it go back??

Answer #1

Is it just your internet explorer? (: Because if it is, you should be able to go to the top on the page, click “Page” and “Zoom” than go to 100% (:

Answer #2

Try looking down in the right bottom corner and it should say “ zoom “, right next to it there should be a little magnified glass with either 100,125 or 150 by it. Click on those numbers untill your screen goes back to the way it was :)

Answer #3

Ctrl+0 or hold Ctrl down and mouse wheel up or down.

Thats Firefox, i don’t do IE or Chrome.

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