What are the most common symptoms of SUGAR DIABETES?

Answer #1

what do you mean by sugar diabetes? Thats not a term I have heard. There is type 1 diabetes also known as insulin dependent diabetes where the body does not produce insulin, or there is type 2 diabetes which is diet controlled, where the body becomes resistent to insulin.

Answer #2

Fatigue, blurry vision, thirst, inhibited ability to heal, hunger, increased urination

Answer #3

I’m not sure which one. My mom said I may have sugar diabetes because before lunch i feel weak, lightheaded, drained and I shake all over. I eat a healthy breakfast everymorning too so it’s not that I haven’t eaten. After i eat something with sugar in it though i’m okay again.

Answer #4

although the most noticable symptoms I think are similar for both. Most people have excessive thirst and urination. You can experience weight loss, fatigue, numbness in the feet and blurry vision. They tend to be more sudden and obvious with type one, whereas they manifest more slowly in type two and as such can go unnoticed for quite a while

Answer #5

It sounds like your symptoms are caused by low blood glucose levels

Answer #6

my dad has type 2 diabetes he found that out when his leg turned red raw it looked like meat and it blistered :D

Answer #7

Thank you. (:

Answer #8

Thank you.(:

Answer #9

Ouch. :(

Answer #10

people are different sometimes they have symptoms some times they dont type 2 aint that bad all you have to do is drop the sugar

type one is where you have to take sugar and jab yourself :D

Answer #11

pretty much it but i should point out that its not known as sugar diabetes anymore. hasent been since the 80s. just diabetes :)

Answer #12

Being thirsty and tired are 2 I know of.

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