Can low blood sugar increase your chances of becoming diabetic?

I think I have low blood sugar and I was wondering if you don’t eat reguraly, get dizzy, and other symptoms like hypoglycemia if that can create diabeates, or is diabeates something your born with?

Answer #1

diabetes can develop, both types can. You either do not have insulin made to help your blood sugar be used for energy or your insulin does not work properly. But these would cause your blood sugar levels to rise, so you should go see your doctor, you must not be eating enough sugar, diabetes doesn’t seem like the problem, good luck, i hope you find out whats wrong

Answer #2

I agree, low blood sugar isn’t as common for people without diabetes, but its not impossible. Also your body will sometimes manage stress by using glucose from your blood. Making the blood sugar level low. I would still ask your healthcare provider

Answer #3

it can not cause it, but could be a sign you already have it

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