How to know if you have diabetes or sugar problems ?

Ok so I think I might have diabetes im 17 and I looked up the sysmpotoms of diabetes and so far everything the social website said thats what I have conset thirst really tired always got to pee I lose a lot of weight but then I gain it back and I really need to know where to go to get tested for it please help thanksz

Answer #1

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago now with diabeties and I was drinking litres at a time.. your drinking so much because your body isnt producing insulin so your blood sugars are very very high.. thats saying you are diabetic

fyi diabeties doesnt have to run in the family for other family members to get it ;)

you need to go the doctors… asap

Answer #2

Just be very careful because this illness is very serious,some have to have their legs removed./ This is the fastest growing illness in the world an so many die. It sounds like you need a pre diabetes diet quickly. You can still eat what you like on it. see this Pre diabetes diet article

Answer #3

do you have a doctor if so make an apointment or get a doc they can figure it all out for ya thats the best thing to do because your symptoms could be caused by a number of things ..or ask some friends and family if anyone has one of those blood sugar meters. hope I helped a little good luck

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