Does your city have any traditions for Remembrance/Veteran's Day?

We have the Veteran’s parade and usually a buffet lunch afterwards … how does your city celebrate the day?

Answer #1

The same, but no buffet :(

Answer #2

They don’t really do much. I think its….Applebees that gives free dinnes so my parents go to that (:

Answer #3

Unfortunately NONE. :(

Answer #4

Yep we have a parade

Answer #5

Nope we just don’t have school. xD

Answer #6

Veterans and soldiers come to give a few words and speeches, then they usually have a moment of silence outside in the commons area at my uni followed by some gun fires

Answer #7

Chillis gives away free dinners

Answer #8

Oh, Now that I think about it, Golden Corral does have free buffets if you have a military id on veterans day. :D

Answer #9

No (:

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