Why did it hurt and feel gross my first time smoking a cigarette?

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because you dont like it
and the billions of chemicals, some of which even strip paint,
were hurting your lungs
if you expected it to taste nice then you were wrong
they taste horrible
and theyll screw up your body, both inside and outside
...theyll prematurely age your skin and face as well
the more you smoke, the better they taste
because youve killed your tastebuds and your throat would have gotten used to enhaling dangerouse smoke
best advice?
put them down before you cant stop
smoking is a habbit that you really shouldnt start

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smokes have about a million chemicals in it so you can get head rushes feekl dizzy and sick think about it your a smoking urethera which in urine! sick of course ull feel gross

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it was you first time putting a deadly smoke in your lungs and you body didnt like that just dont smoke

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Because you're inhaling hot smoke into your lungs. Of course it would hurt! If you continue smoking you're going to burn up your lungs which can give you cancer, shallow breathing, smoker's cough, yellow teeth, bad breath, dry skin and many other ailments.

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If you keep smoking over time you will get used to smoke. Nicotine is a strong drug that will make you feel good and your brain will begin to associate the taste of cigarette smoke with these good feelings and you will start craving cigarettes. If you continue smoking you will become addicted to nicotine and eventually the only time you will feel good is when you are smoking, the rest of your life will become inconvenient interruptions to your habit. Smoking cigarettes over time will hurt your health and vitality leading to a downward spiral that usually leads to an early death from stroke, heart disease, or cancer. Cigarettes are also expensive so once you are addicted be prepared to give up a lot of other comforts to finance your habit.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop now while cigarettes seem gross to you.

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it was telling not to cause it can ruin your life. and it is right.

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because your lungs are healthy
and your suffocating them with smoke

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