Cigarettes that actually do not contain any chemicals

Is there any cigarettes that actually do not contain any chemicals or nicotine. I know tobacco actually produces nicoctine. But is there any that are just all natural.

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iwanttoknow89 - It is your choice of taking e-fluid with or without nicotine. Even inhaling e-fluid with nicotine is much safer than normal Cigarettes, as tar and other chemicals are not present. Smoking the e-cigarette without Nicotine is almost like a hubly-bubbly. E-cigarette can also be used in public and work areas. It is available in nice flavours. Although I must admit my concern, as e-cigarettes has not been tested for long term use, I think true side effects of inhaling Propylene glycol BP + flavourants would be visible in a few years.

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As far as I know electronic cigarettes are safer then normal cigarettes. But I haven't read enough about it to be sure:

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Inhaling smoke of any kind is damaging to you and your lungs.

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check out jerseyvapes. com :)

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