Can a Christian answer a question about Christianity without quoting the bible?

I’m not being discriminating - the reason I ask is because it seems every time you ask a question about Christianity, you get a flood of bible quotes…personally, I’d like to see an actual answer, thought up by the person, instead of reading bible quotes. Anyone can copy and paste readings….I like to hear real, thought-out answers.

Answer #1

I agree the bible is always quoted and I’m not sure why either

Answer #2

yes they can. but maybe the bible says it better than we can. its stepping stools for us to understand better.

Answer #3

it basically is r thoughts. wee think how the bible and God says is rite. so there ya go. r thoughts.

Answer #4

But if people wanted to read a quote from the bible, they would read the bible…people ask these questions because they want a person’s opinion or knowledge…think for yourself.

Answer #5

some ppl mite not no where to start to look for answers in the bible. if ur askin a christian about a christian topic they gonna give u the bibles answer. most believe wat the bible says. i have many different aspects on wat the bible says is rite. just some things i agree with. i do believe in evolution. which is not in the bible. just depends on the question i guess

Answer #6

i always wondered this myself. in my eyes some of the bible is fiction, because everything changes overtime. but i think some people do it because the refuse to look at anything real eyes if that makes any sense. they want to refuse to believe anything else and think the bible is the answer to everything about religion. im guessing here lol.

Answer #7

I would think that a Christian would know enough about their own religion to be able to answer a question using their own words.

Answer #8

Put it this way - if you ask me a question about Buddhism, I’m not going to start quoting the Pali Canon, even though it is what I believe…I will use my own words, my own descriptions, and my own brain to come up with an appropriate answer.

Answer #9

Excellent question.. Sometimes you get the idea that they are just repeating what they read, and honestly all of this has me questioning my beliefs as a Christian. I want to see actual facts to prove the Bible is true just like Science can prove otherwise.

Answer #10

its a lot to take in. not one person knowws evrything about the bible and God even if ur a priest or a real hard core believer. u cant know everything. sometimes wat we cant put in words the bible helps. i guess i could have just read it and posted the same thing it said but not copied nd pasted it. they just said it better.

Answer #11

i had to find out the answer as well. it is wat i felt to be rite in my heart only couldnt put it in words. now i read it and i understand. thought that it would make more since than if i said it.

Answer #12

You know what? Our Tipitaka has 45 volumes. Do you think we can possibly know “everything” about it? No…but with core beliefs, we can still come up with our own conclusions about things….the point is, use your own head to come up with an answer instead of taking the lazy way out, quoting the bible and thinking it’s good enough.

Answer #13

they probly r repeating wat they read… thats how christians learn about God. there will never be proof as that will detroy the need for faith and God. if there was proof then we would all believe. its about faith. i have said this b4 lol. im sure u have seen.

Answer #14

I should think so. Although I am a Christian, I can honestly say I don’t know the bible well enough to quote it, all my answers would be from my knowledge of the religion.

Answer #15

In my opinion,Yes they can. In my Religious Studies class my teacher always taught us to say an answer from our own christian point of view not just answer it with bible quotes and nothing more. i might be sidetracking with this,but my teacher always said to add one bible quote add your point of view and a christians point of view. i don’t feel there is any need to put paragraphs and paragraphs of bible quotes which are technically pointless without your own explanation.

Answer #16

some christians have a very closed mind. some r more open to the fact that not everything in the bible is correct. like me. i believe its about faith tho. probly there to mess with r faith . I dunno lol

Answer #17

Exactly what I expect to see when I ask a question - what is your personal knowledge of the subject….

Answer #18

Not most times. They dont think for themselves so they just quote The Bible.

Answer #19

Yep I have But why can’t we learn from our own experiences and trials rather than learning about what happened in Biblical times. That is what life is about to me. I believe there is a GOD or a HIGHER BEING and I have faith.. but the Bible I am not sure about.. After all it was written by MAN

Answer #20

i agree. sometimes it just helps us explain better than we can ourselves

Answer #21

I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men, she is to keep silent 1 Timothy 2:12

yesssss, not the type of book id like to quote from. who ever wrote that book was a right rude git.

Answer #22

Right…I’m more liable to listen if someone tells me that they believe God is the creator of all things..not because the bible told them so, but because they feel in their own heart and mind that this is the truth. I hold more value to a person’s opinion than to words in book.

Answer #23

u r correct.. there r most likely many mistakes. its hard to learn about God today if we didnt have the bible tho. r everyday experiences r not enough to understand

Answer #24

i just think from my point of view is probably upwards of 75% of the bible is fake. like im not into religion because to me it is just another form of govt trying to control your lifestyle. but the bible was created 2000 yrs ago. so many things have been added to it to make it a list of laws to follow under the religion. but i can honestly say the bible that was originally written for the very 1st time was very short, and to the point. i think the bible now says that homosexuality is a sin, and religion says that evolution never happened, its all a lie. like a sensible religious person would look at it as if god created humanity he created gays which means being gay is not a sin. it is very common knowledge with things like that yet people refuse to believe anything else besides the bible. but that isnt everyone that is into religion.

Answer #25

Is that not what faith is for?

Answer #26

And here I thought that was your favourite part, lol

Answer #27

it explained things more in depth for me to even understand. just thought u were interested. and that would explain better than i could have. was not all quotes. just a few. but in between the quotes is wat matters

Answer #28

yes. i bascically think its to teach morals nd wats rite nd wats wrong. but dont get me wrong i believe in God

Answer #29

as do i, i believe in god i do not believe in religion.

Answer #30

faith is believing with out seeing. the bible is setting r morals

Answer #31

i should say i don’t believe in organized religion. and to add a point to that, religion is suppose to bring peace, too many wars and fights have started over religion.

Answer #32

i see. religion is complicated

Answer #33

i think that one is referring to woman being leader of something. like president. just my belief

Answer #34

Faith is more than that…it’s feeling confident that what you feel and know about your religion is truth. Once you know truth, you shouldn’t have to continuously revert back to your readings to prove that you’re right.

Answer #35

Nope! They were taught from one book. The only time something changes is if the Pope says so. Just like Law. It is based on precedence and if a ruling goes contrary to that precedence then a new precedent is brought in. Just like the Old and New Testament. The problem is that Christians are like Lawyers and that’s why there are different types of Christians. The Law (Bible) can be quoted to mean two opposite things. Basically, i believe its best to stand on your own. Read the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah etc. Make your own religious laws and trust your heart. If you dont know, you wont go to hell for that.

Answer #36

it is very. their bible is a set of laws, so religion is just another form of a government :/

Answer #37

Exactly!! I have FAITH not because of what I learnt in Sunday School or Church, as I have said before I grew up in an Islamic home, so i have experience with some other religion. I have FAITH because of My experiences, my storms, the private tests that I put God on , not because of what was written in some book. At the end of the Day, the Bible is excellent reading Material and a great History Lesson, but my own convictions is what gives me Faith

Answer #38

Christianity is based off the bible. All of the answers to questions are in the bible. This is like asking “Can an a fan of World of Warcraft explain World of Warcraft without talking about anything in-game related.” It is possible, but it wont really help you find the information your asking for.

Answer #39

but taking answers from a book is not the person’s real beliefs

Answer #40

That’s completely irrelevant. I’m not saying they can’t answer the question without talking about anything Christian-related…that’s ridiculous…with your logic, you’re basically saying that if someone asks a question about WoW, you can’t answer it without quoting the game guide. I don’t believe that’s true.

Answer #41

I can answer a question with out the bible, cuz like it says in the Bible…. i’m just kidding. what’s your question?

Answer #42

ur right colleenl faith is more than that. but sometimes we have revert to make sure thats wat is rite. we dont wanna say somethin and then it be wrong in r christian since, it is just a book to remind us. thats all i was doin gettin reminded. and i best wanted to explain it to u

Answer #43

ya. i dont even go to church. but i am strong in my faith

Answer #44

A Christian answering a religious question without referring to the Bible is like answering a math question without using numbers.

Answer #45

yes ur rite

Answer #46

im catholic and i have never done that :)

Answer #47

yeah they can!

atheist: “god didnt exist …..” crazy preacher dude : “yeah he DID!!!! just look at the banana if it wasnt god who made this fruit to be held in the hand so perfectly…… (drags on)”

this is ofc until someone points out the edible banana was one of the first successful breeding experiments and that its genetically enhanced :O

Answer #48

lol…leave it to you to throw my whole logic out the window ;)

Answer #49

i dont usually quote the bible. i mean, if someone asks a question ABOUT the bible, or about a certain subject, like that bull sh!T about God being against gays, ill reference the bible. but now i dont normally quote it

Answer #50

x+y=x……thats math without numbers

Answer #51

i mean x+y=xy

Answer #52

Mostly cos i can’t remember any quotes off by heart

Answer #53

As a christian I do sometimes quote the bible as a back up. However, I don’t do it all too often because as it has been said that anyone can quote the bible. If someone asks me about the bible of course I have to reference it….. but if I am going to talk about my personal relationship with God then I am not. It is possible to not reference the bible but at the same time…… it is the foundation of our faith.

Answer #54

That’s a pretty good comparison, lol.

Answer #55

The reason a Christian refers to the Bible, is because it was divinely written by God, and he is a lot smarter than we are! The Bible is our guidebook, it’s what we live by. However, I have answered countless questions on here without quoting the scripture b/c I realize there on people on here such as yourself that probably wouldn’t understand it.

Answer #56

such as myself? Please don’t assume…I understand far more than you think

Answer #57

meant no offense…..just meant sometimes it is hard to understand the words of the bible unless you are a Christian. When you become a follower of Jesus Christ he opens your eyes and your heart to things unbelievers are incapable of seeing without him.

Answer #58

I was raised a Christian…

Answer #59

I beg to differ.. That’s a negative 2 points for you, buddy… To answer or not to answer, what is the question….?


You just ask the question & I will give you a logical answer..

Answer #60

Angel., you didn’t put up much of a fight, but at least you gave an honest answer, without quoting from the Bible..

Answer #61

But being raised & being; Is too different entities. And no I’m not saying that you are not a christian.. I already know you have a good heart & good intentions, & christian values..

Answer #62

But being raised & being; Is too different entities. And no I’m not saying that you are not a christian.. I already know you have a good heart & good intentions, & christian values..

Answer #63

And I Quote: “1John 3:16.. God so love the world..” unquote..

Answer #64

You can’t be “raised” a Christian…you may have been brought up going to church, raised a certain demonomination such as raised a Baptist,methodist,etc…but being a christian is not a religion, it is a certain moment in your life when you ask Jesus Christ into your heart and life and ask to have a “relationship” with him.

Answer #65

I agree.. 100%

Answer #66

& how in “God’s creation- Can this be the best answer. I don’t understand your logic’s of thinking.. Have you guy’s been drinking?

Answer #2, is by far., The best answer… Good answer Liz’

Answer #67

No. Whenever they see a question pertaining to other religons than theirs, they are all like “Must… Spew… Hateful… Bigotry.. By.. Quoting.. A.. Book.. Most… People… Don’t.. Care… About… typing ‘F*k Your Religion!!!’ post*”

Answer #68

it really depends on the question…it’s hard to state what u believe as a christian and honestly expect ppl to believe you if you don’t have scripture to back it up.

Answer #69

not true, im christian and can answer without quoteing the bible :)

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