Question for the Christians (respectful)

This question is for the Christians out there. What do you do to celebrate G-d? You celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of the son; yet hold no celebrations for G-d. I understand that the celebration of the last supper is in a sense the celebration of the Passover as well. I also understand that the celebration of his birth is a celebration of G-ds redemption. The Judaism is a faith and if you share the same G-d would you not also share the same laws of assembly? The point that I am getting at is that many of these celebrations in the Jewish faith may help you in the Christian faith. There are some celebrations that G-d gave to man as not a way to establish power without reason but a deeper understanding of G-d. Anyway I was hoping that I might be able to inspire you to try something different this year and celebrate some of the feasts. Who knows, you may learn something from it. G-d bless.

Answer #1

Aren’t Christians supposed to celebrate God EVERY day?

Answer #2

Yes, it’s easy to forget that the historical Jesus Christ was born a Jew and lived as a Jew. In fact, it was only after his death that his followers grouped themselves into something that they decided was a new religion.

Not unlike the case of the historical Siddharta Gatuma/the Budda, who was born a high-caste Hindu and who, throughout his life, was trying to reform certain excessive practices, not start a new religion.

Answer #3

In prayer yes, but there are many practices that were given to Abraham that were to be specific celebrations ment to bring a better understanding of G-d.

Answer #4

I agree with you and there seems to be a move among the more orthodox Christians to reach back into our Jewish roots and begin to acknowledge some of those celebrations. Since they all point directly to the Messiah, they are very relevant to our faith as well and it has been very enriching to begin to study them. We hold a Bible study in our home and this is one of our main areas of interest. The main problem we have is that we don’t know any Jewish people who are religious enough to guide us in our understanding of the holy days so we have to go with what we get from books. This is very difficult.

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