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Question for the Christians (respectful)

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This question is for the Christians out there. What do you do to celebrate G-d? You celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of the son; yet hold no celebrations for G-d. I understand that the celebration of the last supper is in a sense the celebration of the Passover as well. I also understand that the celebration of his birth is a celebration of G-ds redemption. The Judaism is a faith and if you share the same G-d would you not also share the same laws of assembly? The point that I am getting at is that many of these celebrations in the Jewish faith may help you in the Christian faith. There are some celebrations that G-d gave to man as not a way to establish power without reason but a deeper understanding of G-d. Anyway I was hoping that I might be able to inspire you to try something different this year and celebrate some of the feasts. Who knows, you may learn something from it. G-d bless.