How can you choose how many points you can give to an answer?

i’ve noticed i receive 1 point sometimes or a 2 and even once a 5. yet, when i like someone’s answer i don’t have the option to choose how many points i can give.

Answer #1

I think it all depends on what question you’ve answered and what catagory the question is from. That’s what determines the points… I don’t think you’re able to choose how many points you want to give someone.

Answer #2

hmm. perhaps. i noticed i got 5 points for answering a shopping question bu just one on a love and relationship problem. haha. isn’t this a case of wrong priorities?

Answer #3

ummmm… that is a bit messed up? lmfao… I haven’t got a clue how points are calculated :P I think the fact on how many have answered the question also comes into play.

Answer #4

haha not likely. iv answers on both questions that have already been answered a lot and those that were unanswered but havent noticed much difference. makes me really want to know how points are mysteriously calculated.

Answer #5

There is a loophole, if you find an answer particularly good you can always just give that person points from your own.

Just go to their page and it’ll show you the option to give them points under how many points they already have, you can even toss in a little note saying why you’re giving it to them.


Answer #6

oh, thanks for the suggestion :)

Answer #7

You’re welcome :)

Answer #8

Wrong priorities? Not really … the point amounts are based on how difficult a question may be to answer and, in all honestly, most relationship questions have been asked so many times that all you really need to do is link them to another answer to a similar question on FunAdvice. Shopping questions usually get less answers and when they do, they’re not always helpful.

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