When you change the question's category, do the points given to the already 'liked' answers change?

Say, for example (this happened to me just before) I asked a job related question but Fun Advice automatically put it into ‘Love and Relationships’ category. People gave good answers and I ‘liked’ them, giving them 1 point (because of the category). It was then brought to my attention that my question was in the wrong category, so I changed it to ‘Jobs and Money’ (the right category) which in turn changed the box at the bottom of the page to saying ‘You’ll get 7 points if somebody likes your answer’. What I’m asking, is do the people that gave the good answers stay with only getting 1 point, or do they automatically get 7 now?

If you don’t understand my ramblings, just ask and I’ll try and be clearer lol Thanks.

Answer #1

I don’t think so, pretty sure the points you get don’t change. I think I checked myself once.

Answer #2

Cassie’s right - previously awarded points don’t change.

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