Which is your choise, being rich or being happy?

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Answer #3

Happy :D

Answer #4

And rich in faith :)

Answer #5

Happy. Definitely. All the money in the world couldn’t buy you true happiness

Answer #6

being happy. despite the way the world is now which is based around money, if you’re not happy…you won’t enjoy the money. for example if you enjoy working at mcdonalds and it makes you happy working the job then you should keep doing it because you’ll spend the rest of your life wanting to get out of bed and you’ll wanna work. and then if you’re a doctor and you don’t like your job but it makes you rich you’ll wake up every morning resenting your job and your life for the rest of your years

Answer #7

Being rich will make me happy. Therefore both.

Answer #8

Definitely happy. I wouldnt say my family are rich, but are rather well off. And believe me, having lots of money doesnt make one happy.

Answer #9

Happy. It may be cliche but I really believe that money honestly doesn’t buy happiness. Friends and people make me so happy. Adventure and laughter make me happy. I’d rather have adventure, laughter and friendship than money in the bank.

Answer #10

Happy :D :D :D :D :D

Answer #11

Happy, of course.

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Answer #13

no happy, money can’t make you happy nothing only your self

Answer #14

Same here Irene. :P

Answer #15

Happy, my family does not have the crazy amount of money but there’s always a reason to smile :)

Answer #16

i would deff choose being happy over being rich

Answer #17

Where’s being poor and happy? :O

Answer #18

I think this is true to a certain extent, while they say money does not buy happiness, it does buy things like cars, vacations, and other things like that. I have found that I am happy when I am doing that, but then their is the work you have to do to get that. I am wondering if this is from people working their live away. My wife does say she misses the time we where in the military, we did not have much, but we did not have much responsibility.

Answer #19

Our parents were poor but I believe they were happy. :)

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