How to become rich.

I am sick of being poor and I want to know how to become rich. I have tried so many different MLM scams and have not gotten rich or even gained any income. How do I really make some good money?

Answer #1

work, and alot of it. At every job you do, give it 120% even if it is stupid. You work hard you will be rewarded. Scams like in the mail stuff and internet sites devoted to making you rich is BS and you should not do any of them… DO something different in life. something that you think you should be rewarded that money.

Answer #2

Being “rich” depends on what your definition of the term is. If you work hard and work creatively, you’ll get there, if your goal is to have a good savings & retire comfortably.

Try to invest money, learn financial management best practices - that’s my goal for this year, as my skills in those areas are weak. MLM schemes are just that, schemes, and generally the only one making real money from an MLM is the people who founded it.

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