Where to find a working get rich quick scheme?

Alright. I’m on a spiritual mission to create and put into action a scheme that will make me rich, and quick. By quick I mean several years, not overnight, because I’m not stupid.

Now I don’t mean I’m going to buy into some scam, and don’t anyone tell me there’s no such thing as a working Get Rich Quick Scheme, because it is in fact impossible for their to NOT be one. Nothing is impossible, I just think no one’s actually tried hard enough.

But there are so many places in the business world to start looking, so does anyone have any ideas as to where to start looking in the pursuit of a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Answer #1

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki and the rest of its sequels. Not very helpful to me personally, but then I don’t know anything about business.

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