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Why do children get away with stuff adults are punished for?

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So like, if a preschooler hit someone once in school, they don't even get suspended. All they get is a time out. If you hit a coworker, however, you get canned. I'm like wtf! I remember begging and giving a coworker $$$ to be my friend. They had my a** for it. They called corporate on me and stuff like that. However, if I did that in grade school, I wouldn't have much consequence. Same thing for staring at that coworker on my days off and treating other coworkers like sh*t for a rage outlet. I got written up. At grade school, I woulda just gotten detention. I screamed at my boss in front of customers and got suspended 2 weeks. I came back later to be ostracized. If I yell at a teacher in grade school, I get just suspended a few days. Fair? Unfair? Fvcked up? like DUH