Is there any way to make myself like children?

I have an 8 year old niece and a 5 year old nephew, and I have to baby sit them quite often. I always dread having to do that because I absolutely detest kids. So I was wondering, is there any way to make myself like them? Then baby sitting wouldn’t be so torturous.

Answer #1

no you gotta do that on your own.

Answer #2

Children are fascinating little creatures. Once you catch on to them, you will begin to care very much for their innocent, appealing ways.

Answer #3

If you dont like children its really hard to MAKE yourself like them.

Answer #4

In order to like Children, or anyone one in a healthy way, we must first like ourself. To dislike a child, is to dislike ourself. After all, we are one (child).

Answer #5

I like myself just fine, actually.

Answer #6

If you don’t like something, the you dont, your not going to try to force yourself to do something that is out of yourself. You can let time tell you, meaby you can try spending time with them more and see if all it takes it’s being around them. Sometimes you have to expiriance and see how things are from different prespectives. You can volunteer at day cares, at schools and places like that. If it does not work out, then it doesn’t. You where not ment for children.

Answer #7

I dont particularly like children. And of course I end up in a job where I work with children. That is karma for you. Any how, I dont know if you can make yourself like children. I still dont like them in general. But some of them can be incredibly sweet. Like a little girl, she’s 4, she remembered I was sick the previous week. Some of them have their moments. I guess instead of looking at them as ‘children’ as if they are all the same, try to see them as individuals with individual personalities. If you just dont like those particular kids, well there’s not much you can do to change that. And try to do something you like with them. For example, I wouldnt mind watching disney movies. Great entertainment for them, and something I’m looking forward to as well.

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