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Why do young children and babies always stare at me with the greatest interest?

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If a baby sees me, it puts a huge grin on its face.:D And it will go out of its way to make sure that it has nobody in its line of sight, just to look at me..For example, I was at Safe-way and there was the most adorable baby/toddler in the shopping cart seat wearing a enormous straw hat..His Dad was standing there waiting cause we were at the checkout..I was with like 4 other people, and the babies eyes just drifted past them..Until it came to me, and its grin was so big and its eyes got all bright. Hahh and then the dad got in the way of its sight of me and it began to cry and patted the dad on the side to try and get him to Once it saw me again, It was sooo cheerful again, and while they were leaving the baby leaned toward into the seat to get a last glimpse of me haha. This happens almost every time when I am around a baby/toddler lol. It doesn't annoy me or anything, cause I love kids, but I just wanna know, Why me?