Can a child lose their two front teeth at only four (or five) years old?

I’ve heard the average age is seven or eight years old but is it possible to lose them at only four or five naturally?

Answer #1

It is not impossible. It may be a bit early but still it could happen.

Answer #2

Thanks heaps. I needed a quick answer and got it! Thanks again. :)

Answer #3

thanx! hehe!

Answer #4

…for the points guys and your welcome

Answer #5

The usual age for loosing teeth is 6 to 8 but some kids start earlier. the front teeth are usually first to fall out. If the parents and older siblings (if any) were also early with losing teeth, then I would not worry.

Some forms of malnutrition or metabolic disease could also cause loosing teeth. But then, you’d probably have other teeth wagging, the gum bleeding and probably unhealthy color of tongue and gum.

Feel for bumps on the gum. If they exist and the adult teeth are already in the starting blocks, there’s no problem. If you can’t feel any new teeth, you might want to go to a dentist and have him check whether all is OK.

Answer #6

It’s Not Unusual.My Son Lost His At 5

Answer #7

I lost my first tooth at just older than three, and had a full set of adult teeth at age seven, except for my wisdom teeth which I got at twelve. There are average ages, but there will always be people outside those ages. I have a friend who just had her last baby tooth removed by a dentist, and she is 22. She just never lost it!

Answer #8

It might happen.

Answer #9

Of course !!

Answer #10

my brother was five as was I when we lost our two front teeth

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