7 year olds toothe delima !!

My 7 year old has a front tooth that has been really loose for about 10 days. I want to pull it but it’s still in the gum kinda a lot. should I go ahead and pull it or wait or ?? I would NEVER want to hurt my child !!

Answer #1

Don’t pull it…my son had the same thing. I gave him lots of apples and carrots to eat, anything hard and crunchy. It finally came out when he was eating corn on the cob. When they eat apples (or something like that) they have to use their front teeth and it helps to get it looser. Also have him wiggle it with his tongue or fingers. Eventually it will get loose enough that it will just fall out.

Answer #2

No,don’t pull it out. Tell your child to just wiggle it a lot. Encourage your daughter/son to wiggle it a lot by telling him/her the ‘tooth fairy’ will leave some money under his/her pillow.

Answer #3

Let it go. There is no reason to force the tooth out. It with come out on its own. Let it be natural otherwise you can cause a torn gum, bleeding, and infection.

Answer #4

I Wud Go 2 The Dentist

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