when your child ask "where do babies come from what do you say?

Answer #1

I dont believe in lying to children about where babies come from, but i do believe in keeping the answer age appropriate. The younger they are the less details they need. For example start with: “When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, the decide to share that love and make a baby” Then as they age you add in details when they start asking more questions. Thats when you can explain about the baby being in the stomach, giving birth, and how it got there. It all depends on the age of the child though about what would be said and what words would be used.

Answer #2

Lol when you said “When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, the decide to share that love and make a baby” i thought of the cat in the hat..lol because they ask where he comes from and he like well, when a mommy and daddy love eachther very much they…and the conrad is like Cat..lool sorry im just talking rubbish..lol

Answer #3

I agree with Mandyloo 100%.

Answer #4

umm duhh, tell them the truth: you and the father got together, shared a magical night and afterwards, you decided to call the stork, who then came to you and magically put the baby inside of you. its so obvious

Answer #5

No dont say that :/

Answer #6

lol make it age appropriate.

Answer #7

Haha when my dad was like 10 11 his aunt and his mother called him and his cousins into one room and they were all “this is what sex is, u put ur pen!s in a girls v@g and there ya go, don’t do it or else you’ll have to raise a baby.” and that’s all they ever heard of that lol

Answer #8


Answer #9

All things come from God, know it live it.

Answer #10


Answer #11

i think that maybe you should tell him theh stork thing. it all depends on how old he or she is and if he is a little older, than say the truth in a nice appropriate way. if not, just say the stork.

Answer #12

my sister tell her 3yrear old daughter that when her and her husband really love each other so they wrote a letter to god asking for a baby and god wrote them back and sent them a little seed that she planted in her tummie

Answer #13

Please don’t ever say that the baby lives in the stomach…that is not correct and I had my aunt tell my niece that, and the poor thing cried for hours about how her mommy had eaten her. It’s ok to say the baby lives in the uterus.

Answer #14

just say he/she came out of a cave lol

Answer #15

tell he/she all babys come out of a hole kind of like a cave lol dont tell them at a young age cuz theyll want to share it with other children and some moms doesnt want there child to know that young

Answer #16

i have toled my 2 year old babys are jelly beans or jelly babys and thay get stuck ang grow in to a baby boy or girl.

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