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What to do when your dad is calling you things you don't say to any child?

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He likes to do this alot "How do you get a C, C is for Cheater. Soon you're gonna be out on the street on welfare with 8 kids that you don't know the baby daddies too. You're gonna be a sorry little btch waiting for the 1st of the month, with your momma because I don't have to stay around you two traflin hos. You need to get your grades up kid. Get out of my face" yeah, and no he isn't drunk. He's old, mean and he likes to talk about people all the time negatively NEVER have I once hear him say anything positive about anyone. He is really a big hypocrite, and behind your back talker guy. Who likes to smoke, drink, and give long speeches that don't even relate to the subject. Sometimes, I don't even call him my dad. I just call him the "man down stairs" or by his first name