how much should i charge for a portrait?

Answer #1

What type of portrait is it?

Answer #2

I draw in graphic pencil and the pictures are A4 size

Answer #3

depends on how good your portraits are.

Answer #4

Yeah well it depends, if your just getting started on putting your art on sale then you might not want to make it too expensive, that way people start to see it and then start buying, after it has sold a fair amount of time you can increase the prize, also it depends how good the artwork, or drawing is. I dont know an exact amount you should charge, but I would recomend not to high.

Answer #5

Without seeing an example of your work there is no way to answer this. It depends on your talent, the materials you are using, your customer base, and how good you are. Without seeing an example we can not give you a fair price for you to tell people. People pay between a few dollars to thousands for good artwork, it just depends on the talent of the artist.

Answer #6

you do digital paintings? is that what you mean? I do those just for fun, but iv’e never sold them because i’m not sure any one would buy mine. check my profile to see and example

Answer #7

then i’ll upload some of my drawings so ppl can tell :P

Answer #8

@Aubrey i only draw on paper cause i’m not that good at digital drawing since i haven’t got a tablet and need to struggle with the mouse. i think your self-portrait is pretty good and i was wondering if you use a graphic tablet :)

Answer #9

I paint/sell paintings (I’ve sold about 20) and I find its easiest to decide the hourly wage you feel your time is worth, keep track of how many hours you spend on it and your overall costs, add em together and you get your price. (So, if you feel your time is worth $10 an hour and it took your 4 hours to create the picture and you spent $20 on supplies, you would sell it for $60). Good luck!

Answer #10

yeah i use a graphics tablet :) thanks!

Answer #11

I’ve sold a lot of portraits, off photos and from real life. I find that people will pay up to $100 for a portrait drawn by a random (unknown) artist (me) from a photo, and will pay $200 if it’s drawn from a real life sitting. Make sure you show your customers examples of your work and quote them a price before you start. People pay way less for drawings on a computer, I have a Wacom tablet and sometimes do sketches on photoshop but they aren’t very popular as I guess you can easily fake them. You’d be best to ask people you know how much they would be willing to pay for a sketch. They have seen your work, and will be honest.

Answer #12

you could donate some of you rwork to a charity auction and see what it goes for.

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