What are the chances of passing a math test by guessing?

Answer #1

Slim to non at best

Answer #2

Like one in a milion dude…. Math is one of the most particular subjects and guessing is’nt going to do you good…..

Answer #3

If you’re guessing a math test do you really think there’s much chance of you being able to calculate your chances of passing? ;) But jokes put aside, it all depends on what type of questions they are. If they’re multiple choice then you have a chance, if they’re not multiple choice, you will fail.

Answer #4

The problem is, most math tests aren’t multiple choice. They usually require you to do some work and you probably won’t get any credit if you don’t show that you knew how to solve the equation. If you just guess on everything, I guarantee you’ll fail.

Answer #5

Technically speaking you could guess and be right, but that chance decreases significantly if you don’t actually understand the work or how the calculations are done to get a certain answer. Most math tests aren’t multiple choice, but even if they were, odds aren’t on your side.

Study up for the test. You’ll do much better than if you were to guess.

Answer #6

it takes a 70% to pass in most cases, your change of gussing on one question is 25% that is only if you have four choices, That makes a 25% change for the whole test. here is how it works you have one answer that is right, one is right only if you do th eproblem wron, one is close, and one is wacked out. so study and do your home work, you have a better chance.

Answer #7

Lol! That’s funny. Sorry, it’s just if you knew statistics you’d have the answer to this question. It depends on the exam. A multiple choice exam, you’ve got 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chances of getting an answer right. Odds are you’re going to end up with 20-25% in the test. You’ve got very little chance of passing. If it’s not multiple choice, you’ve got no chance of passing.

Answer #8

i dont think there are statistics but if you dont know then guess cos u have nothing to loose and i get stuff by guessing but a good tip when guessing is to think logicaly and try and guess so it makes sence

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