What are some celebrity tips for fitness and style?

Can someone please give me some celebrity secrets? Fit tips, beauty, and style. Thanks. =)?

Answer #1


Well, any US Weekly magazine will tell you this kind of information.

The trainer Michael George, who works with Cameron Diaz, Reese WItherspoon and Meg Ryan, has these 10 fitness tips:

  1. A strict diet, five days of weight work per week and six days of cardio.

  2. For weight management, follow a structured nutritional plan that provides for five small meals per day versus two or three large meals per day.

  3. To keep it interesting, he suggests doing a different cardio activity every day of the week

  4. By constantly trying new activities, you’ll not only beat boredom, you’ll also target a greater variety of muscle groups

  5. To make ab exercises work harder, George gives them a little something extra. For actress and new mom Reese Witherspoon, George recommended that she lift her legs in the air and cross them at the ankles to make her crunches even more effective.

  6. Instead of plain old squats, George had actress/singer Jennifer Lopez do these “squat raises” to tone up her legs: With feet shoulder-width apart, bend knees slightly and lower your body until you’re almost sitting. Rise back up and onto your toes. Do two sets of 25.

  7. Part of the arm workout George designed for actress Jennifer Aniston is a move you may remember from gym class. To do basic arm circles, hold your arms out at shoulder level and do small circles for one minute in each direction. Do three sets.

  8. George may be most famous for sculpting Meg Ryan’s buff biceps. Here’s how you can get yours into similar shape: Try 12 regular bicep curls with eight-pound weights, then do 12 side bicep curls with five-pound weights (keep your elbows against your rib cage, but turn your forearms out and lift to the side).

  9. The power of the mind-body connection. He shares this passion with his clients. “Fitness combined with spirituality changed my life,” he says. “Learning how to take care of my body and mind through consistent exercise, proper nutrition and a sound spiritual path has added a profound quality to my life.

  10. If you’re ever under the weather, or too tired to workout, don’t give up. Simply take your usual workout down a few notches. If you’ve got a head cold that’s on the mend, George recommends a light workout of walking, stretching or yoga.

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