How did Cathy Freeman overcome discrimination?

Hey im doing a report for school nd 1 of the questions was how did cathy freeman overcome the discrimination she has faced? I’ve searched everywere but cant find anything so i was hoping some one could help? it would be greatly appreciated!

Answer #1

You should start here. . . . I’m willing to point you in the right direction but you got to take it from this point and earn some of the grade you are seeking. For more information you may go to a search engine and enter “ cathy freeman discrimination “ and see what you come up with. . .

Answer #2

umm, i am not sure if i can help you with the anwser, but i can help you with something else. go to and download it… this should help you immensely, because it can narrow down the results to what you are looking for, well, good luck! let me know if i helped! :] -Justin Coup

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