Personal Obstacles essay - feedback?

Any feed back woule be great Topic is an obstacle we have faced in our life

Growing up, I have faced many personal obstacles in my life. The one that I have worked the hardest on and have grown to overcome is my personal anxiety. Living with anxiety was a challenge. Going to school every day and fearing that I may have to speak in front of people became an everyday norm. It soon came to the point where speaking with friends or even family was a challenge. I became very good at avoiding situations so that I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed. When junior high began, I believed that this was how my life was. I would always be nervous and I would never be able to talk normally in front of people. For the next three years, that is what I lived with. Avoiding social gatherings and doing whatever I could to avoid talking with others. Then came the point in my life that changed everything: high school. It was my new start. I decided that sooner or later I would have to face my fear and learn how to overcome the anxiety that I had lived with for years. I began to push the limits on myself. I would get brave and raise my hand to answer a question rather than hiding in the corner. Instead of waiting for someone to introduce themselves, I would take the stand and introduce myself.
I worked with this for almost two years, until finally one day it was like it clicked for me. I realized that no one really cared if I stuttered in a speech or if my face went bright red when I was called on. This was something I brought on myself and something that only I could change. To this day I am able to go to school and be normal. For these reasons, I consider this my greatest obstacle that I have overcome in my personal life.

Answer #1

wow! sounds like you described my life there, except in middle school, I was sociable; high school was the time when I was quiet.

Answer #2

I’ve read this before I believe, it was your college entrance essay. Right?

Answer #3

It sounds really sad but it is a good essay!

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