Help overcoming shyness?

I’m about to start high school, but I’m super super shy. I really wanna make a lot of friends this year, because now myschool is combining with another one. I really just wanna stop being shy and I’ve tried, but its hard. Any advice?(:

Answer #1

I’ve been shy all my life .. I always had people bugging me about it saying what are you a mute blah blah and evrything. like you sed it is hard to stop being shy, so how I came over mine was I went back and looked at all the things I’ve missed out on and didnt do compared to my other friends who werent shy .. I missed out on a lot of things and im sure you have too.. then I stared opening up, I talked more made a lot of new friends started going to more parties, (I was always invited I just never went.. mayb its tha same wit u) and overall im glad I changed because if you change you see big big differences in how you feel and in how people percive u .. and you have to get over your shyness everntually because later on in life its gunna be hard to get guys/girls and depending on your job you mite have to talk at meeting etcc.. so take my and every1 elses advice try to overcome it, it will b worth it in the end

Answer #2

Ok, here’s how I got over my shyness. People are either going to like you, or they’re not. Either way, the only thing you’ve got is to be yourself. YOU are an amazing, one of a kind person- there is nobody out there on this planet like you. Share yourself with the world. You don’t have to go out there and join every club, every clique, or every sports team. But say hi to people with a smile on your face. Do it consistently. Ask people how their day is going, and listen when they tell you. You’ve got to put your awesome self out there and let people know you’re a neat person. Be secure enough not to care whether or not it’s reciprocated, and just be friendly anyways. Set yourself a goal… I would say to myself before school: ok, today I’m going to talk to 1 person I’ve never talked to… and I would think on my way to school about a few questions I would ask him/her… Then the next day I would shoot for that same person and 1 other person… and then 2 new people, and so on, and so on. Everybody is shy and insecure- other people may just conceal that better. Good luck in high school.

Answer #3

The truth is, some people are just more predisposed to shyness and they always will be. You should be yourself and if you are shy, than be shy. There is a difference between confidence and shyness. If you feel you are lacking confidence, by all means that should be worked on until you are happy with who you are, or as close as you can be to accepting of yourself. I’m glad there are shy people in this world. If no one had any degree of shyness everyone would be overly aggressive and ‘self important’. No thanks. ;)

Answer #4

Trick yourself into believing that you’re confident, act confident and eventually you’ll be what you want to be. It’s a psychological habit. Be the change. Another tip is try to remember that people don’t really care who you are or what you do for the most part, they are more concerned about themselves, pronces and princesses or their tiny kingdoms. No-one is exempt for that.

Answer #5

Thank you both so much! I’ll try that(:

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