can your parents really legally band you from seeing someone ?

I just wannted to know if my parents can really legally band me from seeing the guy I like, I’m 16 and he’’ll be 16 in a few days there is 7 months difference , so can my dad bann me altogether, he has atm no contact but I think he could be the one. please someone write back to me with the legal side of things :(

Answer #1

I dont think so if your 16,but im not for sure

Answer #2

well if the guy is like doing something and he reports to the law and the law aprove of him not getting close to you then he can…


Answer #3

Yes. They can. Whether he breaks the law or not, they can take out a restraining order on him, and can stop you from seeing him.

Answer #4

no unless he does something against the law and is busted

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