Can I wear Navy and Brown together?

I know men are not supposed to wear brown shoes with navy pants (only oxblood is ok). But do the same color rules apply to women? Or can we be a little more funky and get away with it. I want to wear this outfit with navy tights and dark brown shoes. I think it looks ok. Should I go for it?

Answer #1

Yes. Go for it. Wear what makes you feel good. Try it on and see if you like the combo together. There are so many stranger color combinations out there. Navy and brown are perfectly compatible. Just the other day I wore an awesome navy blue top with a brown belt and tan pencil skirt finished off with brown boots and handbag…worked for me;) Good luck to ya!

Answer #2

Kids are wearing bright neon pants. Such as green, purple, yellow, pink and pretty much any other extreme colour you can think of. haha. Something tells me you’ll be ok with wearing brown and navy together. :)

Answer #3

do it

Answer #4

…wait…why arent you supposed to wear brown and navy together o.O lmao

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