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Can I sue for this?

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I took my dog bowser to the vet this recent monday morning (september 22nd) because he was not feeling well and we got him a parvo check and the doctor said that it was negative which means he does not have parvo.

So it could mean he have an obstruction (which means he swallowed something he could not digest) so we paid to get him a x-ray. The doctor was 99% sure that there is an object fabric like stuck in his intestines because they were looking tangled and out of place. So we paid a bunch of money that we could barely afford to give him a chance to survive. He made it through surgery and the doctor told my family and I yesterday that it was just some hair and she didn't think it would be something that made him ill but apparently it did. His intestines were fine. None died off.

I just got a phone call saying he is diagnosed with parvo. 1st off, no one requested him to get a parvo test again. 2ndly, they basically just made us pay over 1500$ for nothing. they also said "we're not sure how many extra days he need to be kept at the hospital but it would definitely be more money" when before the surgery we asked them specifically is 1500$ for sure the total and we will not be charged anything extra? The doctor assured us it wouldn't.

They are clearly just trying to take our money.

And on top of that they kept suggesting us to put him to sleep because they know how concern we are about him and would do anything for him to live. While other clinics at least ask us if we would like to give him up for adoption so someone who can afford it get him the treatment he need (if he do have parvo because it is costly)

Can we sue for this?