School Bus Sue?

Dumb question, but please answer. Can we sue the bus cpmpany for putting cameras on the bus, and video taping us without permission?

Answer #1

It doesn’t matter whose protection it’s for - it could be for protection of the bus driver…at any rate, it’s for security purposes and you can’t sue.

Now, if any of that video footage ended up on TV or the internet, THEN you can sue…only then.

Answer #2

we dont know that.. they could be used for anything and they’re not really for our protection.. they’re for the protection of the people we drive by

Answer #3


The bus is no different than any building that installs cameras…do they ask for your permission? It’s for security, and they’re allowed to do it.

Answer #4

I work for a school and I can honestly tell you that schools put video cameras on the buses for your own protection. If a fight breaks out on the bus then the principal of the school can find out exactly what happens, if someone is doing something in the back of the bus then the school can find out what happens…the bus driver is there to keep you safe from an accident, the cameras are there to keep you “safe” from each other.

Answer #5

No you can’t sue them, the cameras are there for your protection.

Answer #6

since the footage isnt being published or anything no you cant sue them.

Answer #7

Behave and you’ll have nothing to worry about, now will you?

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