Can I get into post secondary with Applied math?

okay, so I went to math 10 pure this year and I past with a 56% and because I found it extremely difficult, I decided to go down to math 20 applied for next year…

My friend told me that post secondary will not accept you if your in applied, you have to be in pure… I’m planning to be a dental assistant, because it’s easy and faster. Is it true? cause I’m really worried.

Answer #1

They will still accept you but you can only get into certian courses that do not focus on math so if you plan on becoming a engineer or doing something realted to physics you do need math pure. Also some business schools only accept pure math but most places are very good about looking at applied marks. Also I found I struggled with Math 10 pure too but actually Math 20 pure is very easy compared to Math 10 so you may want to give it a try. I was at a 71% at Math 10 pure and for Math 20 Pure I finshed with a 83%. You can always get a tutor or go into Math applied if you are struggling but I think you should try it. Anyways don’t worry about post secondary schools yet your still in grade 10 ahve fun and be a kid a little longer

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