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Would you suggest that I get a tutor (more)?

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I go to University, and am working towards my Bachelor's at the moment. I was a fine-arts major previously, however, my program was a combination of computer science and mathematics as well, and I was not able to follow in the computer science or mathematics part, so I switched out of my program and the only program I was able to get into was business economics.

I have never taken economics or business classes in high school at all. Granted, I needed to leave my arts program because of the math in that program, the math in Business is quite different and something I am sure I can learn and understand with a bit of work.

However, my problem is with the economics part itself. I don't seem tou nderstand any of the terminology, and when they are talking about different things in economics and pretty much anything that the professor talks about and am quite confused. I honestly have no idea what is going on at all, and am so lost, and when they talk about the "world of economics" I go blank.

The thing is, money is EXTREMELY tight for me at the moment, and I have no idea whether or not I'd be able to understand this stuff on my own. Has anyone studied this in high school or post secondary? Do you think it's something that a person can learn on their own? and yes, I know every person is different.