Can I feel my first baby moving at 14 weeks?

Is it my mussels or is my baby moving?! I feel like my back vibrates a little bit and like someone is poking me softly in the tummy, I am only like 14 weeks. It is always early morning or whenever I am laying on the couch watching tv really still.also how can I get he/she to move more?

Answer #1

Honestly, I doubt it’s your baby just yet. Just give it time!

Most new mothers don’t feel their babies until around 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Second time mothers feel them sooner than that.

Just sit back and relax and before you know it someone will be kicking you in the ribs!

Answer #2

It’s my first time being a mom but I felt it in my 14th week. It was almost like a small poke in my belly. I talked to my doctor and he said since my child is very active it’s not suprisong I can feel it.

Answer #3

I felt mine around that time, but that was because she was incredibly active… I mean like doing backflips and crap!

Answer #4

that is so awesome isn’t it…congrats ;)

Answer #5

yea im sure it is the baby and you cant make he or she move more just be patient and when it does your guna wish it miss those days…good luck and congrats…

Answer #6

if it’s pain in the back, it may be a nerve to be honest…you wait lol! no just kidding, I’ve had two, so I went back for move, can’t be that bad really…

but at this stage baby is still very ickle…I think maybe size of grape? and very low in your abdoman still, but yes, you can certainly feel the baby from about 14 weeks with subsequant pregnancys (because of looser stomach muscles due to previous pregnancy)…generally first pregnancy is around 16 weeks, dependent, again, on stomach muscles.

don’t panic though…every women is different and every baby positions themselves in one direction or another eventually…but when those little butterfly sensations against your inside start, they just get stronger and stronger!

even if it’s not baby kicking your tummy yet, when it happends you will so totaly know! and I pretty much guarantee you’ll be resting your hand on your belly subconciously after that..bless love that pregnancy feeling…wait till baby has hiccups! so funny! you’ll be willing him (or her!) to have them!!

every stage is so precious…just enjoy it, and keep a baby diary, it’s amazing how much you can forget otherwise…especially when you have another one, you’ll be like “this ones so different because…” or “ god I had that before…”

congratulations.. oh, try reading shopaholic and baby…quite funny…

Answer #7

Its rather uncommon for 1st time mothers to feel the babies movements at 14 weeks, usually because its so small at that age but because you don’t know what to expect. Mine was kinda like bubbles popping or tiny butterfly’s flying around and bouncing off the walls of my uterus. (: I guess anything is possible, it could also be gas bubbles too. Usually, its right around 20 weeks or after when you first feel movement. I used to pat my stomach lightly, that used to send my daughter flitting around. (; sometimes after you eat is a good time to lie real still and I might feel more.

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