Too soon for my baby to move?

Just a couple of days ago I felt a "flutter "in my lower abdomen (this has been happening every few hours or so since then) and I was excited that I was feeling the baby move. Now after reading a few articles, I am learning that it may be too soon to feel or I may be farther along than I thought. Or could I still be feeling this at 11 weeks? And advice?? Please! thanks!!

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Yes, I went for my first visit a while ago and they told me I was 6weeks,3 days so I just calculated since then. They counted from my last period so of course it's not completely accurate. I am 11 weeks 3 days today (I was 11 weeks,1 day when I first felt it.) It litterally feels like there is a small butterfly in my lower stomach moving it's wings fast but softly. Thanks for the input.

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Wow, that does sound early. With most women its 17 or 18, and I'd heard some say as early as 15. But at 11 weeks it's about the size of a peanut...

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Ummm DO you know you are 11 weeks did the doctors tell you that you were?? Some people can actually feel there baby moving at 12 weeks... So it is possible for you to feel your baby move..I would say its not too soon. And If you want more information about feeling your baby move at 11 weeks just call you baby doctor and just ask him/her...they will tell you excatly. good luck =)

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