Can you feel your baby move at 12 weeks pregnant?

I swear i have felt a sharp kick already a few times. Im 10-12 weeks preg. Find out for sure on the 8th. But i didnt think they could kick or flip this early. What is that?

Answer #1

I recall when I was in my first trimester, I could feel flutters as baby moved around. A “sharp kick” seems unusual, but it’s very possible to feel movement that early on.

Answer #2

Yea thats what i thought. It was a sharp kick. Maybe the ligaments stretching? i dunno. i will have to ask my doc on wednesday. Maybe i am even further along lol

Answer #3

It may be round ligament pains. Does it happen when you stretch too far or move suddenly? It’s a sharp shooting pain in your belly, usually below your belly button. If that’s what you feel, it just means your belly is growing! I felt little flutters at 14 weeks. Everyone said it was gas, but I was right :)

Answer #4

ya that pretty much sums it up. Thanks :)

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