Can citrus acid help prevent you from getting pregnant?

My boy friend told me that he thinks that works, but he didnt really remember. Can it?

Answer #1

If you drink/eat it instead of having sex then maybe.

Answer #2

no hes just an uneducated boy who doesnt know anything about sex education so he basically beleives everything ehs told or reads what hes sating is 100% bullsh*t and if you actually even think it might be true you too do NOT know enough about sex education

Answer #3


Birth control…condoms…and abstenance…those are the ONLY things that will prevent pregnacy…

Be sure to tell your boy friend, so he’ll be in the know, just like you.


Answer #4

Basically, your friend is telling you that eating oranges will prevent pregnancy.

Do you honestly think oranges are a form of contraception?

Let me give you a hint - no, absolutely not, without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Answer #5

I dont know I never heard of it, but if it does can you please let me know because im surprising my boyfriend for his birthday by sleeping with him but we are not gonna do it safe that way we can really enjoy it sooo please let me know if it does. sorry I wasnt much help but please let me know. thanks!!!

Answer #6

No. Use a condom, AND birth control pills.

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