Can a doctor know if a woman already had sex?

Hey I want to know if doctors can do that, or it depends on how many times that the woman did that thingy just wondering?? I hope you can help me Thanks

Answer #1

well there are these two skin flap around your vagina and when you have sex (of course) there will be friction and theyll wear away. they stay that way forever so yes they can tell.

Answer #2

Well if your worried about your doctor finding out…I dont think you should be doing it. haha.

Answer #3

Yes they can.

Answer #4

If a doctor gives you a pap smeer or whatever, They can tell if you had sex in the past month or two.

Answer #5

Muslana… Thats not true. Thats crap. Its called your lay bias… they don’t “wear away”. If yours are… the YOU should go see a doctor.

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